Nov 4th was our last Flea of the 2018 season!

A balmy day, perfect sunshine, great turn out of merchandise, vendors and customers. It was a good end to a difficult season of weather/COB closings.

Stay tuned for updates on the revamped market for the 2019 season - little changes that will make a big difference! See you in April!

Emma Dewing
Beacon Flea CLOSED for Spirit Of Beacon Day.

We are closed for Spirit of Beacon Day, an annual event that shuts down the entire of Beacon Main Street for the day. The whole City gets involved in building floats, polishing fire trucks, and setting up booths along Main St. It’s intention is to bring awareness to non-profit organizations, and celebrate all that Beacon has to offer. The schools, fire stations, businesses, youth groups, recs, and Churches join the parade. It’s loud, fun, and culminates in a block party with prizes, music and food stands.

The Henry St Parking Lot is required for parade attendees - so we are required to close.

Weather permitting we will be open October 7th.

We are also, now, required to close for the Car Show, which also shuts down a section of Main St. In the past seven years, at the request of the organizers and the Beacon Chamber of Commerce, the Flea has been open, providing an alternative event for those who did not want to walk the blocks of ‘Chrome and Steel.’ This year, the City of Beacon feel the need to alleviate congestion caused by closing Main St, and provide attendee parking, so we are now required to close.

I do understand, but I also feel the need to explain that this event is the largest and busiest of our flea year. The vendors store up car related items for the big day. It’s right at the hight of our Fall season, which is short, but preferable for both vendors and customers. The weather is more conducive to standing in a parking lot, both to sell and browse. This year the weather has really hurt us, and we have been leaning on the fact that we’d get a great Fall to make up for the loss of income and presence. Maintaining the momentum of a ‘temporary’ event is impossible when we are forced to close randomly for weather and City events. Having to close, after seven great years, is really disappointing.

The Car Show is great fun, come and enjoy Beacon. We are sad that we won’t be there.

Please visit the stores on Main St, as they also suffer on these big show days.

Emma Dewing
We are open Sunday Sept 9th!

So, the cooler temps have found us, at last! Perhaps it's time to replenish your Fall wardrobe and home with wooly sweaters, knits, and vintage blankets! It's my favorite time of the year, and I love hunting for vintage Halloween decorations. I also like to keep an eye out for hand made charms and trinkets that will feed my soul, once the cold keeps me indoors!!

Either way, tomorrow may be grey and chilly, but us hardy bunch of vendors will be out to fulfill all your fancy-Fall needs! 

Emma Dewing
Open this Sunday, August 19th!

Woot! We have a clear weather day and can finally get out on Sunday! Full house tomorrow - lots of new-to-Beacon-Flea vendors. Come make them feel welcome (and check out their cool vintage and maker-made products)!

Emma Dewing
Beacon Flea closed due to weather August 12th

Sorry, folks. The weather forecast looks miserable and unsettled, again. 

Many vendors cancel or simply don't show up when the weather is threatening to dampen sales and soak valuable vintage or handmade merchandise. 

It's always a tough decision. It takes up my Saturday while I scan weather sites looking for any changes that could sway me, and then on Sunday I'm a resentful, anxious mess unless it pours from 7am till 3pm. Usually after a cancelation the weather perks up and I can't enjoy the blue skies and sunny light. It's a missed opportunity for both vendors and customers. And it sucks.

So, forgive me if I am now praying for a soggy wet Sunday. I've cancelled, and I need vindication!

Emma Dewing