Open this Sunday, August 19th!

Woot! We have a clear weather day and can finally get out on Sunday! Full house tomorrow - lots of new-to-Beacon-Flea vendors. Come make them feel welcome (and check out their cool vintage and maker-made products)!

Emma Dewing
Beacon Flea closed due to weather August 12th

Sorry, folks. The weather forecast looks miserable and unsettled, again. 

Many vendors cancel or simply don't show up when the weather is threatening to dampen sales and soak valuable vintage or handmade merchandise. 

It's always a tough decision. It takes up my Saturday while I scan weather sites looking for any changes that could sway me, and then on Sunday I'm a resentful, anxious mess unless it pours from 7am till 3pm. Usually after a cancelation the weather perks up and I can't enjoy the blue skies and sunny light. It's a missed opportunity for both vendors and customers. And it sucks.

So, forgive me if I am now praying for a soggy wet Sunday. I've cancelled, and I need vindication!

Emma Dewing
Carmel Estate Sale Phase Two!

The house that just keeps giving!

If you did not attend Phase One, everyone will tell you how you missed out!
We have decided to push hard and get the house ready for phase two for Friday 20th, Saturday 21st, and Sunday 22nd.
We are using the newly created space on the main floor to unpack and unload the upstairs bedrooms, closets, bathrooms, the over stacked garage, and the storage pod. You will have access to the main floor and the garage. (Upstairs is for phase 3. We just don’t have the space!)

There will be NO SIGNUP SHEET for Phase Two, as we are expecting you to spread out into the garage, and the house is somewhat more accessible than before thanks to your bulk purchases!

Sterling silver, piles of ephemera, vintage photos, antique books, a huge collection of clocks, vintage toys, a collection of fountain pens, vintage buttons and beads, fabric, vintage teddy bears, dolls, and so much more in-between! Click here for more info!


Emma Dewing
Estate Sale in Carmel

We have spent weeks going through boxes and making aisles. This house is crowded and cluttered, and will be cleared out over the course of three sales. We have focused on the main living level for phase one.

There will be a customer sign up list for Friday morning. 
We will be limiting the number of people inside the house at any given time, at our discretion. Please wear proper shoes, move with care, and repack boxes.

Address published Thursday, as usual, at the link here.

Sale days are Friday 4/6 and Saturday 4/7. 8am - 5pm. We may do Sunday, too, so stay tuned!


Carmel phase one.jpg
Emma Dewing