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Why Beacon Flea Market?:
Beacon is a booming City on the Hudson River, within a fast train ride from NYC. Beacon Main Street restaurants, boutique shopping, vintage treasures, and many art galleries delight visitors from both the surrounding area and from NYC. Events such as Second Saturday, music, art and food festivals, holiday parades, and the annual car show draw significant crowds to our City. Beacon is a thriving, artistic, community with a varied and bustling commerce.

Beacon Flea Market supports local commerce by not vending food or beverages, and encourages customers and vendors to patronize the wide variety of cafes and restaurants on Main Street.

Beacon Flea Market offers schools, non-profits, and Beacon Resident discounts and fundraising opportunities, provides a safe, fun, community-minded event, and is a quality and genuine shopping experience with all the flavor of a true flea market. 

To vend:
If you are interested in becoming a vendor please see the allowed merchandise list below and fill/submit the request form.

Merchandise requirements:
I welcome vendors who specialize in selling vintage, retro, antique, junk, salvage, architectural elements, collectibles, attic clean-outs, yard sale, second-hand, costume/estate jewelry, art, musical instruments, recycled, up cycled, re-purposed and hand made items.

Selling of the following items is prohibited: 
I do not accept requests to vend New Merchandise, Food or Beverages, Beauty Products, Bulk Selling, Socks, Soaps and Shampoo, Pyramid Schemes, As-Seen-On-TV, reps/soliciting from large companies or corporations, such as bath re-do, window installing, etc.

Also prohibited: Fireworks, Pyrotechnics, Weapons/Guns, Chemicals, Controlled Substances, Pornography, Counterfeit Products, Tobacco products.

Vendor space with a vehicle (car, van, or pick-up) - $35
Box Truck or vehicle with a small trailer - $50/60
Carry-in (no vehicle) - $30
Beacon residents - with vehicle - $30
Beacon residents - Carry-in/no vehicle - $20
Non-profit - Carry-in/no vehicle $5

Promotional Service:
Vendors, you are invited to submit digital photos of the items you will be selling each Sunday at the Beacon Flea Market. Please email them to The photos will be updated on the website and social media each week. Customers will be able to preview your actual items! 

Information for Beacon Flea Market Vendors: 

  • Check with the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance for information regarding sales tax. 518-457-5181. You can also consult your accountant, particularly if you are 'tag selling' once or twice a year.
  • All fees to be paid on the day in cash. 
  • Parking lot is open to vendors from 6.00am for set up. If you contacted me by phone or email and are on the list you will be assigned a space. If you are not on the list you may be asked to wait until the list spaces have filled. If I run out of car spaces you will be offered a walk-in space. No loud noises or honking while waiting to enter - residential area. 
  • Do not request a particular space, you will be assigned a space. Market Management may not know space availability in advance. The handicapped space along South Chestnut is reserved for Market Management. 
  • Room for 50+ vendors. Spaces are based on length of vehicle, and approx 12 foot out into the aisle. Walk-In spaces are 12' x 12'. Aisles must be kept clear so booths are accessible to customers, strollers and wheelchairs. 
  • Vendors must bring their own tables, tents and umbrellas. In the Summer weeks it is advisable to bring a tent, as it will be hot for both you and your customers. Booth spaces with tents usually make more sales. Tent no bigger than 12x12'. All tents, umbrellas, and clothing rails MUST be secured with weights. Please come with weights/sand bags. Vendors are responsible for any damage caused by tents and umbrellas.  Radios may be played for your own personal use, but not in a manner to disturb your neighbor or customers. No Bullhorns.
  • Smoking: please consider your neighbor and customers. This is a family market, so lots of small children and dogs. 
  • Flea Market closes at 3pm. Please respect your customers and fellow vendors by staying open for the duration of the market. Do not attempt to leave before 3pm. You run the risk of damage to people and property. If you know you need to leave early please let Management know. If you consistently leave early your request to return may be denied. All vendors must be out by 4.30pm. 
  • Trash barrels are for customers only, PLEASE CARRY OUT YOUR TRASH. If you leave trash your request to return may be declined. Do not leave FREE piles. I have to pay the City to remove them, and I will pass that fee back to you!
  • No profanity, abusive conduct, alcoholic beverages, or weapons (excepting antique merchandise). 
  • Objectionable and offensive items will not be allowed at the managements discretion. If items are considered inappropriate or illegal I will ask that you remove them. Prohibited items from the list above will also have to be removed from sight at managements discretion. 
  • Bad weather - This is a fair weather market and will run unless severe weather, excessive heat or rain is forecast or occurs. If inclement weather occurs during a Flea vendors may leave early - no refunds given. I will attempt to make the cancellation decision by 5pm Saturday evening and will email you if you are on the list. Otherwise - check the Facebook page daily for cancellations should bad weather be in the forecast.