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What We Do

We set up homes for the contents to be sold from within the home. We make an initial visit to assess the quantity and quality, and the amount of time required to set up. We work with you to fix a date for the sale, which usually takes place on a Friday and Saturday. 

Our advice, right from the start, DO NOT TRASH OR DONATE ANYTHING! We know what sells, and sometimes it is the inconsequential items that sweeten the deal to help sell the cumbersome or trickier items. So please, leave everything in it's place. Let us help - why do the extra work if we can take care of it for you? It's what we do! 

A week or two before the agreed sale dates we will prepare your home and contents for a sale. We provide all our own equipment, signage, and take care of the promotion. We have an extensive mailing list/social media following of customers that come to our sales. Our fee for organizing, set up, pricing, staffing, promotion, and holding the sale is 35%.

We have a small team of trusted and hardworking people that usually come towards the end of the set up period, and for the days of the sale as additional security and to assist our customers.

After the sale we can help you relocate the remaining unsold items - either by donation, or by offering a separate clean out service. 

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Email us for further information about our services and request a copy of our contract

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