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Seasonal outdoor flea market in the heart of Beacon, NY

Things You Love Events


Estate Sale Services

Welcome to Things You Love Events, LLC.

We offer free viewing of your home and it's contents to assess how best we may meet your needs. We are connected with many dealers, buyers, donation centers and clean-out services that can help facilitate re-housing your unwanted belongings. We specialize in holding sales for you from within the home, utilizing our extensive mailing list and social media outlets to reach your customers. Selling your belongings, for whatever the reason, can be a trying and emotional experience. We can help alleviate some of the stress of the process, by taking care of the things you love. 


Upcoming Estate Sale: Friday october 20 and Saturday october 21

Wappingers Falls estate sale, NY.  

Sale days are Friday and Saturday October 20/21 from 9am - 4pm.

We keep the address private until the day before the sale to protect the home and homeowners. We have spent days going through the basement, attic, closets and cupboards. There is so much here we feel like we have barely scratched the surface. Right now we are planning on opening the doors on Friday at 9am and letting you all run through with boxes. It's that kind of house! Everything will be priced on the fly, and priced to go, as this home has to be empty. It is full of perfect kitsch, collectible and quirky smalls, kitchenware, vintage everything - it truly is an eBay or Etsy seller's dream. Stock up for the winter months! We will make it worth your while! Check here for the address on Thursday, and more pics/info!

Past Sales:

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Thornwood Drive copy.jpeg

What We Do

We set up homes for the contents to be sold from within the home. We make an initial visit to assess the quantity and quality, and the amount of time required to set up. We work with you to fix a date for the sale, which usually takes place on a Friday and Saturday. 

We provide all our own equipment, signage, and have an extensive mailing list/social media following of customers that come to our sales, and we advertise in the local paper. We usually require one to two weeks to set up for the sale. Our fee for the organizing, set up, and the promotion of the sale is 35%. 

We have a small team of trusted and hardworking people that usually come towards the end of the set up period, and for the days of the sale as additional security and to assist our customers.

After the sale we can help you relocate the remaining unsold items - either by donation, or by offering a separate clean out service. 

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Email us for further information about our services and request a copy of our contract

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Photo courtesy of Mark Roland. Beacon Flea Market 2016

Photo courtesy of Mark Roland. Beacon Flea Market 2016

Emma Dewing

Emma - owner and operator of Beacon Flea Market in Beacon, NY. I watch the trends, and am constantly learning about the history of our area and the beautiful things we choose to bring into our home.  Originally from the UK, I worked for an antiques shipping company in NYC, before moving to Beacon with my family. I have built an extensive following of customers through social media, and cross-promote sales with the flea market followers. 


Photo courtesy of Robert Skingle. The Garage, 26th St, NYC 2013

Photo courtesy of Robert Skingle. The Garage, 26th St, NYC 2013

Anthony Rosa

Anthony - Co-promotor of the Beacon Flea Market, NY. A full time dealer buying, selling and appraising 20th Century design and fine art. A staple on the show circuit since 1992 at The Pier Show, Modern Show at the Armory, Brimfield and 26th St, NYC. Anthony completed the NYU Comprehensive Appraisal Studies Program.




"Our family was very pleased with having Things You Love Events, LLC run the estate sale at my parents' home in Beacon. They did a fantastic job on organizing, pricing and staging. It was great to have them take care of all the details with much respect. Thank you." Angie B.

"My husband and I recently engaged "Things You Love Events, LLC," since we were moving out of state and wanted to sell many things that we weren't taking to our new home.  It was a tough moving sale, as we were still living in our house while the moving sale was being organized.  So - to say our house was chaotic is an understatement.

I never saw people work harder in my life.  They were in my house for days, organizing, putting up tables, pricing, researching.  They were fabulous and I really enjoyed having them in our home.  Emma does the advertising, signage, emailing - everything to make people aware of your sale.  They know the value of your belongings and price them to sell, but they don't give away the store!  

Not only did we make money from the sale of our belongings, they also offer a optional service where they take away almost every single item that did NOT sell.  We took back a few things that we decided to keep after all, but the benefit of having our house cleared of all the things we were not taking with us was indescribable.  I just spoke to someone who paid thousands of dollars to have his late mother's belongings cleared out of her house.  Knowing that we are spared trips to the Dump, trips to Goodwill, waiting for pickups from other charities - it's all done and they did it!

I highly recommend "Things You Love Events."  They made a very stressful time so much easier.  Thank you!"

Kathryn J. Beacon

"I had the good fortune to visit an estate sale run by these folks. It was run professionally, super organized, great bargains, and compassionate for both the seller and the purchasers. Great experience, superb business."  

Janice G

"Very nice sale - you did a great job. I'm sure the owner's nephew will be very pleased. Thanks again."  E

"What a miserable weekend to have an estate sale! Your advertising and pricing made it a success! Thank you for all your hard work!" 

Judy F