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Vendor Spotlight for April 2nd!

We are thrilled to introduce the following vendors, new to Beacon Flea Market this season!

Made by Me Furnishings and Designs are setting up with their up-cycled furniture, fabric candle holders, lanterns and lights!

West Point Toy and Hobby will be selling Retro Pop Culture Collectibles including Silver & Bronze age comics, and collectible toys from the 70s, 80s, & 90s!

Handwoven with Love are setting up with handwoven bags and scarves made by women artisans across the globe. They work with several different women's organizations globally by bringing their handmade products to the American Market. "In doing so, we create an awareness for these women and all they do. By supporting these organizations we empower these women and help them to gain an education and financial stability for themselves and their children". Learn more by clicking here! Follow on FB and Instagram  

Last chance to vote! HVMAG Best of Hudson Valley!

Hudson Valley Magazine is collecting votes for the Best in the Hudson Valley! However, funnily enough, flea markets are not a category - yet.

Right at the bottom of the list of categories is a space for New Category Idea.

Put 'Flea Market'... and then please consider voting for your favorite little flea right here in the heart of Beacon!


Beacon Flea Market is gearing up!

Beacon Flea Market is gearing up for the Spring season. We expect to open in April. If you are interested in vending please check out the Vend tab above, or email for more info.

Beacon is bustling with visitors on these warm Spring teaser days. It makes me hungry for the flea season to fire up! It hasn't been a particularly long or cold Winter, but I am definitely in the mood for some balmy Sunday treasure hunting.

The best part for me is being there early in the morning. I like to greet the vendors and get a first look at what's coming off their trucks and vans. If you want to get a sneak peek but can't quite get out of bed that early - follow us on Instagram and FB! We post pics of the cool, vintage, unique highlights as we find them. We want to entice you out of your house and come on over to snag these great finds!

So much of the merchandise is only in the market that Sunday. Many of the dealers have a fast turnover and restock accordingly. If it doesn't sell at the flea they often have other ways to move items along. We all get bored if we see the same things over and over, so many of the vendors will change their set-up from week to week, or only come once a month when they have the inventory built up. Even more reason to be a regular Sunday early bird! You never know what you might find!

I have to renew the contract with the City of Beacon for the use of the Henry Street Parking Lot and will keep you posted. I'm also furiously working on getting this website up and running smoothly, so forgive the kinks!

See you in a few weeks!