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Photos from last Sunday!

May 21st was a lovely sunny day! Dee Lane of Halfinthebag was back with her newly renovated, much bigger, RV. It was a fabulous opportunity to get some birds eye views of the market. 

Open for Mother's Day!

After much deliberation, soul searching, weather watching and wringing of hands I have decided to go ahead and open tomorrow. It is Mother's Day, after all, and I for one would be pretty sad not to be able to attend a flea market on Mother's Day!

The typical weather pattern for this time of the year does make it tricky to make the right call. Not helped by the fact that the reliable die-hards of this industry are dying out. Used to be a time when setting up in all weather was the norm - tough, cold, wet, but still able to make money, and still worth it to be out there doing it. These days the customers have a hard time coming out in the rain, and the vendors don't show for fear of wet merchandise and assume the customers won''s a slippery slope. 

I grew up in England, on a farm. Work didn't stop because of the rain. Or cold. Or occasional snowflake. We've all become soft. I don't even own a proper rain coat or boots anymore. I guess I assume if it's wet I won't be out in it. 

Days like today make me glad for days like tomorrow - everyone will be happy to be out of their houses where they have been cooped up for hours with restless kids and dozing pets. It will feel like a holiday! It's what I love about the flea - seeing everyone again after what feels like an eternity.

Come and say 'Hi'!

Vendor Spotlight for April 2nd!

We are thrilled to introduce the following vendors, new to Beacon Flea Market this season!

Made by Me Furnishings and Designs are setting up with their up-cycled furniture, fabric candle holders, lanterns and lights!

West Point Toy and Hobby will be selling Retro Pop Culture Collectibles including Silver & Bronze age comics, and collectible toys from the 70s, 80s, & 90s!

Handwoven with Love are setting up with handwoven bags and scarves made by women artisans across the globe. They work with several different women's organizations globally by bringing their handmade products to the American Market. "In doing so, we create an awareness for these women and all they do. By supporting these organizations we empower these women and help them to gain an education and financial stability for themselves and their children". Learn more by clicking here! Follow on FB and Instagram  

Last chance to vote! HVMAG Best of Hudson Valley!

Hudson Valley Magazine is collecting votes for the Best in the Hudson Valley! However, funnily enough, flea markets are not a category - yet.

Right at the bottom of the list of categories is a space for New Category Idea.

Put 'Flea Market'... and then please consider voting for your favorite little flea right here in the heart of Beacon!


Beacon Flea opens April 2nd!

Beacon Flea Market is set to open our seventh season on April 2nd 2017!

This year we are looking forward to showcasing local talent. If you are a local maker, artisan, craft person, jeweler, up-cycler, collector, vintage online seller, or have a small home/craft/vintage business here in Beacon; we welcome you to set up at Beacon Flea Market!

Remember - Beacon residents receive a discount!

Come and promote your business, take commissions, market your product, and most of all join us in demonstrating all that Beacon has to offer, both to local customers and new visitors!

We will also be welcoming back familiar and established vendors that have shown loyalty and consistency over the years!

If you would like to set up one time or many and are a seller of antiques, vintage, or handmade items please email for further information, or check out the Vend tab above.

Please Note: We will be closed for Easter Sunday. 4/16/17